These were developed by Ronette L. Kolotkin, Ph.D., of the Duke University Diet and Fitness Center.

1.Take immediate action. Don't wait for tomorrow or Monday. The sooner you begin your recovery, the easier it will be.

2.Forget willpower. Use strategies -- from writing menu plans to scheduling walking dates with a buddy -- to recover.

3.Avoid temptations. For three to seven days after a setback, avoid people, situations, and events that may be tempting or high-risk.

4.Put it in perspective. Save one piece of clothing to represent your starting size, and try it on after a setback to give perspective and to bring back a feeling of success.

5.Don't punish yourself. Fasting, drastically cutting calories, or adding an uncomfortable amount of exercise after a setback will only hinder your efforts in the long run.

6.Put yourself on the front burner. For the first week after a setback, be assertive about making your needs a priority.

7.Forgive yourself. Realize that you are only human and that occasionally you will make mistakes. Only then will you be able to move on.

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